YWAM Medical DTS 2014

The rumors are true.

I grew up on a couple thousand acres in northern British Columbia, loving the fields and animals and trees and rocks and gorgeous hill country.
Then, I moved to Alberta, where the prairies beckoned and miles of fields and open skies made my heart happy.

And now…

I’m headed for the ocean.

My flight leaves for Kona, Hawaii, on January 2nd.

It all started September of 2011, when one of my aunties (Thanks, Aunty Maya ;) ) sent me a YWAM e-newsletter, with a link tucked into the bottom right corner about a medical discipleship training school, essentially a bible school with medical missions focus, for medical professionals.
I was entering my third year of nursing school, and because I was a busy girl with a lot going on,  quickly read through the link, thought “Hmm, sounds interesting,” and went back to my work.
I put the email aside to look at again later. And promptly forgot about it.

About a month later, I was snoozing soundly one night when I had a dream that a friend turned to me and said “Jenn, I’m thrilled that you’re doing this YWAM. It’s so good to get another perspective and see the Christian worldview from another country’s eyes. So good for you!”

I immediately woke up, startled and amazed.
Funny how God speaks to us.
In the middle of the night, pyjamas on and computer screen glowing, I looked up that email again.
And as I read the course description, my heart told me that this is what I was supposed to do.

After two years of deliberation, doubt, considering other options, frustration, and finally a lot of confirmation (from random guys on the sidewalk to emails from course providers), it’s been a long stretch.

But now I’m really going.

 I leave beginning of January 2014, and return in the beginning of June.

A five-month adventure of first in Kona, Hawaii, with a couple months of classes and studies in the bible, healing, medical missions, and God’s heart for his people all over the world. Then, we’ll head out to some developing nation on outreach to put what we’ve learned to the test, and see for our own eyes what health care, and life, can be like in the rest of the world.
All the while I’ll be with other health care professionals from around the globe, learning with and from them.

I can’t wait.

For a little more info, check out http://www.uofnkona.edu/training/medical-dts/

If you’d like to hear more about this adventure, let me know! Send me an email at jenniferzingre@hotmail.com

Otherwise, I’ll be keeping you updated and posting wayyy too many photos, I’m sure. :)


3 thoughts on “YWAM Medical DTS 2014

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  2. It is never an ‘easy’ thing to watch anyone go. It is something that we have to do from time to time. We have to acknowledge them, their part in our lives, and the relief of their difficulties and for some, their suffering on this earth. As a nurse it is your job to comfort them, assure them and be there while they die sometimes. Those that die older are grieved for because of the loss of the knowledge, skills, history– their history in the world and their history with us. Usually our oldest, longest, and many times our best relationships. For those that are not as old, we grieve the loss of what could have been, the loss of future relationships, and the loss of someone who ‘had potential’ to still do great things and have a wonderful life. For the youngest, we grieve the loss of our future. The loss of who we expected to carry on in life long after we have reached our peak. Death is difficult because some view it as a failure- a failure to cure, to fix, and it hurts our egos and our emotions. Each person- whether it be a nurse or other healthcare provider or family member- will react to death differently. Will accept death and dying differently. Hope this helps you to understand a little more.

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