3 A.M. and the Magpie

Well, it’s 3 a.m. on another night shift, and as I wait for call bells to ring and tiny patients to cry, I sit here reminiscing over a few of the happenings in recent weeks. Perhaps folding an hour’s worth of pillowcases (it really is a slow night!) brought on the nostalgia. Or maybe it was the phone call from my dad earlier.
Regardless, I started browsing back through some photos on my phone, and found this one. So I thought I’d share with you the story of how it came to be.
I was walking in the park one day, coming home from an appointment, when I took a path I don’t usually take. I’m a creature of habit, you see, and so taking a different path is a bit out of my character, but an adventure nonetheless. I was looking around at the beautiful trees and spring colours when I spied a lamppost with a bird sitting on top of it! Drawing closer, I noticed the bird was a magpie, and was perched so serenely on top of the post that I stopped to watch it for just a moment.
Then, in a stroke of genius, I thought, ‘Why not take a picture?!’ So I drew my phone out of my purse, aimed the camera, and clicked the photo button… Just as the magpie flew away. My heart sank. So much for getting a nice picture of a magpie on a lamppost. Oh well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.
But then, I glanced down at my phone’s screen and realized that a photo had been taken, and I had indeed clicked the button just in time, and even to capture the magpie in its flight from the post! What a surprise!

This photo literally made my day. Even if it’s not the best of quality, it’s one of my favorites because of that sweet memory.
And now it’s the end of my post, and it’s now 6 a.m. I’m not that slow at typing, but rather had some work to do in between. ;) All in a nights work, after all!



Playing With the Moon

For the last two weeks, the moon has been beautiful here!
Incredibly low on the horizon, and a beautiful orange-y yellow colour.

I thought the moon alone was breathtaking, until I saw the work of Laurent Laveder, a French photographer.
His photos are so creative!

I especially love the photo of the painter. What imagination!
Someday, I aspire to create something as beautiful as this.

If you’re interested, more of Laveder’s work with the sky can be seen on his website. Photos from the Moon Games series can also be purchased as postcards here. Additionally, more photos can be viewed on this site, which is en fran├žais, but is still easily navigated.