Meet Jenn

I’m a girl with a dream… and a keyboard.
I’m a girl who is starting to think like a nurse, cook like my Mom, and love like Jesus calls me to.
I’m a girl who loves to find beauty in the world, life in any circumstance, and joy in pain.


Some people call me…

Nurse Jenn

I’m a Registered Nurse, and I love my career. Whether I’m working in the ER (where everything always happens at once), or working at camp (with fifty crazy kids running around in the dirt, and band-aids are my biggest resource), or just being with family and friends, being a nurse is my favourite thing.

Grandma & I

My beautiful Grandma and I, in late 2012. Always one of my favourite people. I love her so much!


Photographer Jenn

I love to capture moments and memories, for myself and for others.


My first DSLR, purchased as a birthday gift to myself in August 2012! Hands down one of my best purchases ever.


Baker Jenn

Baking makes my heart happy. According to some, baking is one of my spiritual gifts. ;)


My incredible boyfriend, Jordan, and I with some zuphe, specialty Swiss bread. So delicious!


Farmer Jenn

I grew up in the wide-open spaces of a beef and grain farm. I loved it then, and I love it now. I’m undoubtedly a country girl at heart.


With Jethro, my last 4-H steer. Definitely saved the best for last! After 8 years of beef 4-H, 4 years of 4-H clothing, and 2 years of B.C. 4-H Ambassadorship, 4-H runs in my veins. It shaped my life and is such an incredible program!


Hiker Jenn

I love the mountains. Their majestic strength, their untouched mystery, their rugged beauty. The feeling of being in the middle of the wilderness, surrounded by God’s creation, fills me with awe.


Atop Babcock Mountain in Tumbler Ridge, BC in the summer of 2013.



6 thoughts on “Meet Jenn

  1. Hey Jenn
    I am Bob Scott’s brother and I shared your post on your blog when I read it before I knew you knew my brother. You just expressed so eloquently what many ER nurses feel and have to deal with everyday. I wanted to let you know that Gini Pigott a paediatrician in Hawaii shared your musings on Facebook in Hawaii too and her office is one block away from the YWAM and she would like to meet you when you are over there. Good luck in your career
    and Have fun in Hawaii my 2nd home. We lived there for a year in 2006 and fell in love with the people and “our” island. Cheers
    Ken Scott

    • I’ll definitely have to look her up, Ken! Thanks for your encouragement, and from what I’ve heard from Bob you’re an excellent nurse with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to see what Hawaii is like! :)

  2. Jenn you wrote an amazing article…I am a 57 year old hospice certified nurse and love what I do but I could never do what you do and am thankful you are doing it for Jesus….keep on keeping on and when I get sick I hope someone like you is in the ER to take care of me!!!!!

  3. “Confessions of an ER Nurse” – Jenn as someone with 17 years in the Trauma /neuroscience ICU. I’d just like to say. “Well done & well written” We have an awesome job, and do an awesome job of performing it. Few people outside of our circle REALLY know. Though tears and laughter, … Keep the Faith Sister.
    Chip Vokey RN, Dallas Texas

  4. Hello Jen!!
    Just wanna let you know how bless i feel when i read your many postings about being an ER nurse. Just like you ive been working in ER for 8yrs, with God sustaining my passion.
    i love how u relate so well with God in the center of your career and how nursing can be such a blessings in mission, just like you i feel so alike. Going for missions really bless me alot too.
    I thank you for being an audible voice about Jesus, about being an ER nurse, and the many tear jerking experiences you’ve experience. I feel i can grow and learn so much from you. Thankyou!!! 😘

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