Outreach Week Eight: The Grand Finale

And just like that…. outreach is done.

Did all of that really just happen?!

Our team spent week eight continuing to drive all over Cambodia (mostly to the south, to Kampot and Kap, right near the Gulf of Thailand), continuing our ministry in villages running clinics, children’s ministry, and health teaching. We also were given the opportunity to visit two orphanages, and were so blessed to spend time with the little ones there.


(Medical check-ups were a frequent part of village clinics! This little one at a clinic a few weeks ago was so adorable. I remember wishing I had a photo of this moment and then lo and behold, somebody got one. :)

During our travels we also visited several churches and a couple schools, one of which was established in the middle of a slum. The day we went to that school was a really, really hard one for me; I have an incredible story about a little baby and his mom that I cannot wait to share with you… but it’ll have to wait until I’m not so jet-lagged and my stuff isn’t strewn all over the room. A girl has to have priorities. ;)


(The area surrounding one of the schools we visited. Tough to see, and even tougher to meet some of the patients and see the circumstances they lived in and their resultant health problems.)

I remember learning in nursing school about the 12 health determinants, or circumstances that affect a person’s health, for better or for worse. This definitely put a whole new meaning to the determinants of “income and social status,” “physical environment,” “employment and working conditions,” and “healthy child development.”

In addition to doing some more nursing, I also got the chance to “intern” a bit with my favourite pharmacist! Bless is from South Korea and has an incredible heart for the hurting, as well as a lot of knowledge about so many things, including medicine. She’s taught me so much! And, I admire her ability to provide patient education in Khmer… “muey-grab, bee-grab…” and her love for every patient who came through her pharmacy. :)


(Bless and I set up the pharmacy in front of the stage in one of the churches we visited.)

In the midst of a long week, we were blessed with a day off, and I was part of  a group who traveled to Bokor Mountain, close to Kampot and a beautiful drive and view! It was so refreshing to be in the midst of the mountain air, touch some clouds, see some beautiful fog, and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.


(Near the top of Bokor Mountain. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.)

Our team’s eight update can be found here (Outreach Update Week 8) for your perusing pleasure!  Many more details and photos of our last week of outreach in Cambodia.

Our team has now arrived in Kona again safe and sound after two red-eye flights in a row sandwiching a 14-hour layover in Seoul. So thankful that all of our luggage made it intact, and that even though we almost missed a bus, had some trouble checking people in and working out visa information, not a single flight was delayed and no other complications with travel! As Casey would say, PTL. ;)
I’ll be blogging more on our last few days spent in Cambodia to debrief our adventures there and what we have seen God do in us and through us these past two months, as well as a bit about our time in South Korea for the day!

Our next few days will be full of debriefing with our team and also the rest of our Medical DTS group, who spent the last two months in Iraq and Israel for their outreach, then will be packing and graduating!

What a journey it has been.

But all in all, I’m so, so glad that it happened. Thank you, Lord, for being such a good God and a faithful Father.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



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