Outreach Week Five: Here, There, and Everywhere

I know I probably say this every week… but what a week it has been.

This week saw me hugging tiny Cambodian children, teaching about hand-washing and tooth-brushing to a group of little ones, examining infected skin wounds and enlarged lymph nodes, washing lice-ridden hair, teaching CPR to a group of staff, walking through a red light district in Phnom Penh not once, not twice, but several times, getting my nails done at a salon that teaches women sustainable skills to get them out of prostitution, and teaching about breastfeeding in a tiny church in the middle of a slum area.

This week was fast and furious, but God really poured hope and strength into me when I was overwhelmed, filled me with refreshment and rest when I needed it most, provided me beyond what I could imagine, and taught me so much about waiting on Him.

Children At Risk (2)

(Teaching a tiny little Cambodian girl how to write the letter “I” during English classes at her preschool program. She was much more interested in scribbling. We compromised. ;) )

I got to tap into my heart for knowledge, emergency nursing, and health care by teaching a basic CPR course for several staff members who work with a ministry in a red light district in Phnom Penh. It was so much fun! They were such excellent students, full of joy and enthusiasm for learning. And it was good to brush up on my own CPR skills! Gotta stay up on that, after four months away from the ER.

Teaching CPR @ MP

(Amazing how easy it was to teach something so familiar to me! And I was sure thankful for those many, many CPR classes I had to take for nursing school! Sure is a lifesaver here. Har, har. :P )

My week ended with a wonderful day off on Saturday to spend several hours with just my journal and some music and some sunshine, catching up on all my thoughts and all the action over the last little bit! A few of us also went to the Russian Market here in Phnom Penh (strange name, I know, but apparently Russians used to live there. Who knew?!), where we browsed the stalls and enjoyed the chance to see some local culture, make some new friends at a pottery stall, drink the acclaimed best iced coffee in the city, and snag some good deals.


(Tapping into my “Nurse Jenn” side at a clinic this week, seeing patients and preparing medicine, in this case for a pregnant momma almost 6 months along! Such a wonderful experience.)

If you’re interested, check out our team’s update here (Outreach Update Week 5). It contains a few more photos, more intel on the happenings of our week, and was even written by yours truly. :)

Thanks for your encouragement, lovely people. I miss you!
Pressing into Jesus to finish well for these last three weeks in Cambodia,



One thought on “Outreach Week Five: Here, There, and Everywhere

  1. I know I say this about all your posts and updates but this is so good. You are brilliant! Both were outstanding and I am so proud of you. Love, Ruth Ann

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