Outreach Week Four: Khmer New Year, Kids, and Clinics

What a week! Full of clinics and village kids and cleaning and finding out new ways to love people and traditional Khmer dancing and saying goodbye to the sweetest puppies and the sweetest people in Siem Reap as we finished up our week there and planned the remainder of our outreach in Phnom Penh.

This week some of the highlights included seeing traditional Khmer dancing and music at the Angkor National Museum, as part of the Khmer New Year celebrations, put on by the young ladies and young men at a local orphanage. I met my new friend, Neat (in yellow below) at a local cafe and she and I and Dani (one of my teammates) became fast friends as we got to know each other! I’ll sure miss her and her sweet smile!


  Another highlight was getting to attend an Easter service at a local church! Easter is not a holiday nationally celebrated in Cambodia, so it was so strange (for the first time in my life) not to see Easter bunnies in the stores or dye eggs before Easter Sunday or hear anything about the Easter story other than within our own team. So going to church and hearing a message in English (no translation!) and singing songs I actually knew just made my heart swell. Thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice for us and for your resurrection – You are Lord, no matter where we are! So good.

(Easter service with a Scottish pastor… sitting next to people from Cambodia, France, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, the Philippines, Africa, America, and many other countries. Truly a multicultural experience! 


(myself, Priscille from France, Dani from Germany, and Rosie from Austria all dressed up for Easter Service! Love these ladies!)

I also tried something new at a clinic this week, becoming a pharmacist in training! We try to rotate roles in our clinics so this was my day to take care of the pharmacy along with Casey. It’s not all that high tech… or pretty… but it is the best pharmacy we’ve got and we love it. :)


(Pharmacy station while Charm, our team doctor, sees patients in the background with our friend Nary translating)

This week we are back in Phnom Penh, where we will be until the end of outreach in just one month. Time is flying, but we’re glad to be here!
Here is our latest update from our team (Outreach Update Week 4) . I’m hoping to post another blog this week about how missionary life and I are getting along… so stay tuned for that :)

Hope to hear from you soon!


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