Outreach Week Three: Cockroaches, and Cold Showers

Okay, I have to say that this week I encountered some of the “not so nice” things about living in a more tropical country.
But I’m also proud to say that I squared off with a rat… and lost. Or won? I’m not sure, since he was the one who scurried away.
I’m also proud to say that I was not eaten by the massive tarantula that scuttled out from under a chair during one of our clinics, and I am forever grateful to one of our brave translators, Kimlang, who killed said tarantula with a broom… and tried to ignore a second tarantula who hung  around the entire day on the wall above my head.


(My girl Casey and I with our faithful translators, Rany (L) and Kimlang (R) . They were fantastic translators for the two of us at many a nursing station over the past two weeks!

I also got to meet the biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen, take a shower with a proper showerhead (cold water is THE BEST thing to beat the heat here!), visit an orphanage where some new friends of mine live, see the famous Angkor Wat and surrounding ancient ruins and temples, cuddle some two-week-old puppies here on base, meet and get up close and personal with an elephant, and play Settlers of Catan in a five-star hotel’s restaurant area.


(Sunrise at Angkor Wat before a full day of adventuring)

It’s been a busy week, but we’re quickly realizing that outreach itself is busy, and goes by quickly. After all, “three weeks down, five to go” means that this coming week is “hump week” or the infamous “halfway” mark. I’m praising God for what He’s already done in me and through me in Cambodia so far, and am looking forward to the good things He’s going to do in the coming weeks as well.

Here’s our team update for this week (Outreach Update Week 3), which includes more photos and highlights. Enjoy!

In addition to what’s listed in the update, I would really, really appreciate your prayers for me, for energy and encouragement. We learned early in the lecture phase of our DTS that “our ministry flows from our intimacy with God” so I’d been trying to be intentionally making time with the Lord to continue to build my relationship with Him. However, among other challenges this week, with the sometimes hectic schedule of outreach plus being with the team 24/7 and the heat causing a lack of energy, it was challenging to find time or energy for what I like to call “introvert time.” I’m glad to say that things are improving in that area, but I could certainly use some prayer warriors on my side for this :)

I’d love to hear from you! We occasionally find a cafe with wifi and reading your updates from home always making me smile.

‘Til next time… keep fit and have fun!
(Bonus points if you know where that phrase is from, heehee)
Love, Jenn



2 thoughts on “Outreach Week Three: Cockroaches, and Cold Showers

  1. Praying for your requests of energy and encouragement. Praying that you will sense when one of your team members needs a kind word or even just a smile. Praying you can draw into the Lord’s presence like breathing even in the middle of noise and activity. Praying His word will be dropped in your mind & heart by the Holy Spirit just when you need it most. Praying you are able to praise instead of grumble :-). Praying you know how deeply you are loved and treasured and praying you feel that love and that it flows out to others. Praying for you, dear precious Jenn. I am so proud of you! I love you, Ruth Ann

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  2. Jenn, you are such a blessing to me! Thank you for sharing so faithfully. You are the first YWAM student I know who has kept us so informed of your mission and it means so very much. It enables us to pray for you more appropriately and to praise God for what He is doing through you and through this experience. Bless you, my friend!

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