Outreach Week Two: Beginnings in Siem Reap

What a week it has been!
But time flies when you’re having fun.

From travelling 9 hours on a bus to navigating the wonderful world of tuk tuks (a Cambodian taxi, basically a motorbike with a two-wheeled trailer) to putting my nursing skills to work with our first three clinics, it’s been a tiring but incredible week.

(One of my first, and most elderly, patients. The average age in Cambodia is somewhere around 29, so seeing elderly people is a rarity and such a blessing!)

I’ve quickly discovered that the more I pour out on Cambodian people, the more blessed I feel in return. Like taking a couple minutes to chat, laugh with, and pray for some elderly ladies at our first clinic, or teaching my translator new English words as he teaches me new Khmer words, or meeting some sweet girls who work at a local coffee shop, or giggling with little kids who are getting lice shampooed out of their hair, I have had so many moments this week where I felt so incredibly blessed.

(These little cuties had the BIGGEST smiles when I shampooed their hair. So adorable! Just made my heart swell.)

It’s good to be here, but not without it’s challenges. The heat plus a really busy schedule has left most of us exhausted, so with a couple days off this coming week we’re looking forward to getting some good rest!

I’m really thankful for the team I’m with, and for the opportunities we’ve had so far and the beautiful people we have met. Just two weeks into our outreach and it’s already been unforgettable, so I can’t wait to see what the rest is like. ;)


(One of the pharmacies we shopped at while in Phnom Penh. Seriously, most pharmacies here are like this, and it’s the perfect picture of the health care situation in Cambodia. Packed to the brim with medications of every imaginable type, that anyone can walk in an purchase without a prescription (even things like diazepam, digoxin, amlodipine… sort of sketchy) and based on a “pharmacist’s” recommendation (I’m pretty sure the guy who slept on a hammock in the middle of his “pharmacy”  wasn’t a pharmacist…) the patient will take pretty much any medication to try to feel better. Oh my. But such an experience to shop at!)

Our team’s weekly update can be found here (Outreach Update Week 2).
I would love to hear from you!
Otherwise, ’til next week, keep cool! And if it’s too cool where you are… I wholeheartedly would LOVE to send you some Cambodian heat. ;)
Love, Jenn


3 thoughts on “Outreach Week Two: Beginnings in Siem Reap

  1. Jenn
    The compassion in your face with the elderly person is overwhelming. I hope that when I get that old I will see the same compassion in my nurses eyes. (maybe it will be you :)

    You are a blessing my friend!!


    • You two are such a blessing to me. I cannot WAIT to sit around a coffee table or campfire with you both and hear of your adventures and share my own! Thanks for pouring into us younger people with such encouragement and pride!

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