Week Six: Love.

I discovered something about love this week.

What with Valentine’s Day, a whole bunch of heart-shaped chocolates, some dear friends getting engaged and others blissfully planning their weddings, and a class-wide game of anonymously giving each other sweet gifts and messages throughout the week, there was a lot of love going around.

But something kept running through my head, something that hinted that maybe love is also about something greater.

Some of you might think that I’m crazy, or stop reading after the next sentence, but I ask you, please don’t! Read it to the end. You’ll see why.

Here’s a question for you…

When did Jesus die for you?

When did God trade His Son’s life for yours?
Was it when you had done a certain number of good things? Was it when you had led someone to Christ? Was it when you had believed everything He said and devoted yourself fully to Him? Was it when you had gone to church on Sunday, or done a certain amount of “Christian” things?


The answer is found in Romans 5:8… while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Think about that.

While we were still the lowest of the low, covered in our guilt, shame, fear, sin, addiction, pain…
While we doubted that anyone on earth would love us, let alone some God.

That’s when God looked at us and said,
“I love them so much, I’m going to send my Son to die for them to set them free. They need a Rescuer. That’s the only way they’ll be freed, and I’m going to make it happen because I love them.

That’s true love, friends. Not expecting anything or condemning or loving people only at their best or when they perform well, not flowers and chocolates and candy on one day a year, not just what we see here on this earth.

Seeing you at your absolute lowest and still loving you enough to die for you?

That’s love. And that’s who God is. 

His love is personal and infinite and beautiful. Are you living like it is?


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