Week Five: I Love Blogging, But Today I Love Sleep More

I usually blog on Sundays.
Today is Sunday.
And after a full week of homework and outreach planning and a couple full days of work duty and church and homesickness and Skype and crying because I read “Made In Canada” on a Clif bar wrapper as I was journaling one night (don’t judge) and leaning into Jesus and discovering that I am really loved and getting stuff done because I come from a task-oriented culture and discovering beautiful things at the “Boutique” (on campus thrift store where everything is free!) and laughing hysterically because of our awesome speaker and serving a gazillion french fries to hungry YWAMers and so so much more…
I’m ready for bed.
Thankful for cold showers and warm beds and a good God who loves me a lot.
More to come later. :)
For now…
Goodnight, world.


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