Week Three: Location, Location

And the answer to the outreach question is….



Our outreach locations were revealed tonight, and one team is headed for Kurdistan (think in Iraq, but an independent government), and the other team destined for southeast Asia and the people of Cambodia.


I’m so excited for Cambodia and especially to be a part of the really awesome team I’ll be with.

We’ll be working in a variety of places, but they might just include village clinics, hospitals, prisons, and the slums. The people we’ll be meeting are poor. In severe poverty. It’ll be heartbreaking and uncomfortable and hot and our lives will be changed. And it will actually be awesome.

We’re still working on preliminaries and all the logical stuff, but for now, I’ll be researching like crazy and starting to get a sense of the heart of the Cambodian people. Please pray with our team as we prepare: pray for the people we will meet, for our hearts to be open, for lives to be changed, and for courage as for some of us this is our first missions trip, and it’ll be quite the adventure.

And, please pray for protection against the creepie-crawlies, for those who are a little freaked out about that aspect. As one team member put it, “Hold back the insects, God. Do whatchu can.”



3 thoughts on “Week Three: Location, Location

  1. That is so awesome. As I was praying for you God told me you would be going to Cambodia and I said “no I want her to go to Brazil because Brazil is cool” Looks like he wasn’t bending on that one :) Be blessed my friend!

    • Awe, Bob, thank you so much! The funny thing is that I had peace about going to either Brazil or Cambodia, and actually put Brazil as my first choice, because God told me to. And then turns out not enough people applied for Brazil so off to Cambodia (my second choice) I go. Guess He got His way after all… first in telling me what to put and then in sending me where He wanted me in the first place. :P Thanks for the prayers and confirmation! I appreciate you.

  2. By the way I have friends in Iraq if you went there and needed anything they would do everything they could to help you just knowing you are a friend of mine. But I guess that is a card you don’t have to play.

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