Things Adjudicators Say (Second Edition)

I went back to the piano recital yesterday… and the adjudicator was there once again. 
And he was just as awesome. 

Here is another glimpse into his mind:


“Pianos don’t bite. Have you ever heard of anyone being bitten by a piano? No? Me neither.”

“You want to be like a mole in the earth… inside the keys!”

“Oh, that wasn’t even that bad.” (after one individual’s performance)

“The only reason I’m better than you are is because I’m lazier than you are!”

“You don’t want to be working. It’s called playing the piano!”

“It’s not weight on the keys… it’s energy from your body! It’s like a hiccup! But controlled. Hmm. It’s like the wind we had yesterday!”

“So, why did Liszt write this sort of piece?”
Student: “Hmm, art?”
“Ummm, I think more to get women.”


So good.
I would love to hear more from this guy. My Quotebook would never want for entries. ;)


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