The Mystery of the Unmarked CD

In the center console of my Chevy Cavalier, I have a small, round, unzipped CD case with a mish-mash of random CDs, including discs given to me as gifts, new mixes of music that moves me, and mixes from years gone by. It’s the latter that I pulled out today on my three hour drive home, to make the drive go faster and to find out what those unmarked CDs were made of.

Today’s disc of choice was an unmarked SONY disc, with two European-looking young men printed on it’s face and a few scratches on the surface.

I popped it in, remember when my cousin Sarah burned the disc for me in her parent’s upstairs office amidst the sewing machines, computer games, and cousins running about.

For the life of me, though, I couldn’t remember what was on the disc. Until the first track began to play, and the sounds of Snow Patrol filled the car.

Memories came flooding back of my early teens and finding out who I was during the era of braces, bus rides, and boys.

Other tracks on the disc included the likes of “Tonight” by FM Static, six from the Jonas Brothers (apparently they were popular then?!), “Too Little Too Late” by JoJo, and some great worship tunes from Krystal Meyers, Switchfoot, and Casting Crowns.

As I listened and sang along to a few here and there, I realized that this was one of those moments on road trips… the ones where you let spontaneity and surprise reign, all the while re-living some memories and letting yourself get carried away by the music.

Thank you, unmarked CD, for making my day just that much better.


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