A Night’s Tale

There’s a song I know with a first line that goes something like this:

“When everybody else is getting out of bed, I’m usually getting in it…”

Which entirely rings true for me right now.

I just finished my first night shift in two years, and my body is in a bit of shock mode. But, I made it through, and even got to bath a little baby and do a whole bunch of little but necessary things that help keep a hospital running smoothly.
And act as a 3 am teacher, encourager, and cheerleader when parents are at their wit’s end and the baby just won’t stop crying.

All in all, it’s been a good day. Er, night.

I hope your day goes just as well! Why not make it even more awesome than usual by listening to “If It’s Love,” the Train song mentioned above, which can be found here?! It’s always a great start (or end!) to any day. :)


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