Today’s Top Twelve

Today was a good day.

There were hard moments and great moments. But put all together, it was good.
Here are the top twelve “little moments,” in chronological order, that made it a good day.

1. Noticing that my face is once again freckle-filled, meaning that spring has officially sprung!

2. Sharing the first hamburgers of the summer for lunch with my Mom.

3. My grandma giving me her amazing Dandelion Salad recipe, hand-written on a neat little recipe card.

4. Seeing a KONY 2012 poster on the City Hall sign in Fort St. John (the only one I’ve ever seen!).

5. Seeing a man doing one-handed pushups on the sidewalk in downtown Fort St. John.

6. Laughing at the sign on my accountant’s door, which had clip art of a party and read “Dear Customers: We will be closed at 4:00 pm April 30th and on Tuesday, May 1st to celebrate the end of tax season!”

7. Seeing a farmer standing in a field with dirt in his hands, searching for seeds. I’ve been there.

8. Having the first bug (and the second, and the third) of the year hit my windshield.

9. Having a very courteous young man, dressed in rig overalls, hold the door for me at the gas station in Demmitt. His mother raised him well!

10. While driving with the iPod on shuffle, having my playlist switch from David Guetta to One Direction to Be Thou My Vision, an old hymn. Nice.

11. Clinking champagne glasses with good friends, toasting to ends and beginnings.

12. Fine dining at the Wok Box with my big brother and my Dad, and getting to catch up with them amidst the hustle and bustle of an Asian kitchen.

All in all, it was a good day, indeed.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Top Twelve

  1. lovely. Yes its been quite a day hasn’t it. Its been a good day is what I say. I loved having burgers with you. God bless! Oh, can you please email me Grandma’s recipe?

  2. The pic you saw on an accountant’s office reminded me — I happened to be at my CPAs office at the end of the day to get my final tax paperwork, and he opened a bottle of wine to celebrate end of tax season with his office. I got a glass too. :-)

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