Poor Momo…

In case you didn’t know, Momo is the name of my car. My first car. It’s a sporty little black car that I’ve owned for almost a year.  I think I take pretty good care of it, and am pretty proud of my first set of wheels.

And, I’m pretty proud that in almost a year, I kept it accident-free, dent-free, and (mostly) scratch-free.

Until today.

This morning, I went to drive out of the parking lot where I live and discovered that someone had removed the mirror from Momo’s driver side. And by removed, they definitely didn’t use a ratchet or wrench. It appears they were much more forceful than that.

There was no mirror to be found in the vicinity, nor any note or evidence that the perpetrators actually cared about my car. There weren’t even tracks close enough to have been swiped by another vehicle, so it’s likely that Momo was attacked by some St. Patty’s Day partiers, who may have dropped a beer bottle or two in the snow next to him. Poor guy.

So now Momo looks pretty imbalanced; a mirror on one side, and a forlorn-looking small piece of plastic sticking out the other side. And, it’s incredibly strange to be driving and not have a mirror to look in… which I never noticed until today. Definitely had to up the shoulder checking today!

What amazed me is how disappointed, frustrated, and angry I became when I made this discovery. How callous and uncaring for someone to come along, knock the mirror off my car, and just leave? Whether it was intentional or unintentional (I hope to find out soon), that really disappoints me. They hurt my car, and thus inherently hurt me. Not the nicest way to make friends, people.

So anyway. Enough ranting. Tomorrow is a new day, including a trip to the auto wrecker to see if I can fix Momo up. But for now, he’s sitting out in the snow, hopefully avoiding any other run-ins with shady folks.

I guess it’s true: you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…  including the side mirror on your car.


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