Of fragility and beauty.


Something we often take for granted, and don’t realize how much it means to us until we notice that it leaves or is in jeopardy.

This week, I had the incredible privilege of holding the hand of a dying woman.

Sitting there, tears streaming down my face as I comforted her and her family, I realized just how fragile our lives are.
In a moments notice, our lives can forever be altered. We can lose those who mean so much to us. We can lose parts of our lives: abilities or gifts or physical strength.
We can lose life.

This week, I had the incredible privilege of holding the hand of a 6 month old baby.

His glowing eyes gazing up into mine as he struggled to stay awake in my arms, I realized just how beautiful our lives are.
Just the fact that we are here is a testament to the beauty of life. People cheered when you let out your first cry. People cried at the thought that they had brought life into this world. And that is beautiful.
Daily, we are given a great, beautiful, fragile gift. Whether you are 22 or 82, you are blessed with the gift of life. The gift of waking up in the morning, stretching, and getting out of bed. We are given tasks to accomplish, people to love, sights to behold, new things to discover.
We are given life.

This week, I had the incredible privilege of seeing both sides of the spectrum of life.

In my nursing career, I will hold people’s hands as they bring life into this world, and hold people’s hands as they leave this world. I will experience moments of heartbreak and moments of wonder right along with my patients. I will have weeks like this, where I see both the fragility and beauty of life in others.
It will be painful, and it will be wonderful.
Not to mention a great wake up call to appreciate my life.

So today, I will treasure life. I will laugh. I will be joyful. I will capture sounds, smells, feelings, and sights in my mind to seize the moment.
I will take action, and do what I have always said I will. I will not procrastinate, nor complain, nor leave something unsaid.
Because life really is short. With that knowledge, I will recognize the brevity of what I have been given, and enjoy it. I will drink it in.

Today, I will live.
Will you?


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