There is beauty in the world.

Today I went for a little walk in the sunshine… and the sweet crunch of snow beneath my boots just made me smile.

I love winter!

Fluffy snowflakes drift lazily down from the sky as I pretend I live in a snowglobe.

The fresh white snow blankets the ground, turning the landscape from dull brown and gray to a shimmering, shining white. The sky looks even more blue against the foreground of snow.

Trees get shrouded in hoarfrost, looking as if they grew a white coat overnight.

Scarves and mittens are dug out of closets, and paired with puffy jackets and leg warmers.

Any body of water gets magically turned into something solid, smooth, and skatable.

And best of all, winter sports begin to make their appearance: snowboarders and skiers head for the mountains, those who love to skate head for the lake, and small children slide down hills with glee.

So much beauty, all around us. It doesn’t get much better than this!


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