2012 To-Do List

Happy new year! Welcome to 2012… a new year, full of new opportunities and adventure.

I’ve always liked the idea of new year’s resolutions. Kudos to those who make them and keep them, but to me resolutions can be made all year long; I don’t feel like I need a new year as an excuse to change my life or my habits.

Every year, though, I make a “to-do” list.

These are things that I would like to accomplish in the coming year.
Some of them are little, everyday things; others are things I’ve never done before and have always wanted to do.

Regardless, I know they will make my hear a little more fun and a little more whimsical.

So today, I’m sharing my 2012 To-Do List with you. I’ll try to keep you updated as to when and how these things get completed!

1. Blow dandelions in a field.
2. Stargaze.
3. Go to a dance.
4. Eat a bacon chocolate bar.
5. Write a letter to my future husband.
6. Go to an NHL game.
7. Experience a sunrise.
8. Experience a sunset.
9. Fly a kite.
10. Get something published.
11. Bake choux pastry.
12. Go for an early morning skate.
13. Paint a picture.
14. Dance in the rain.
15. Hike a mountain.
16. Cook a turkey.
17. Go on a road trip.
18. Lead worship.
19. Babysit for someone for free.
20. Spend a day alone in Creation.
21. Go to a concert.
22. Play in the snow.
23. Have a picnic.
24. Take someone out for coffee.
25. Photograph a newborn.



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