something new…

Some people blog.

It’s a part of who they are, an outlet to express their personality, practice for their someday novel, share time-tested recipes, post links that amuse them.

I’ve wondered what it would be like to blog.

To type out my feelings, emotions, rants, dreams, musings for others to see; to be vulnerable.

So here it begins.
This is my online journal, an extension of myself on a screen.
Sometimes, it will be ridiculously silly. Other times, it will be intensely emotional. Regardless, it will be the expression of my frustrations, my day, or my life at that time.

I hope you enjoy it, and learn a little about me in the process.

This is the sound of my heart as it hits the paper.
(Well, actually the keyboard… but I digress.)

The beginning of a blog hopefully filled with wit and wisdom.



2 thoughts on “something new…

  1. How happy I am to see you here. I love what you wrote “This is the sound of my heart hitting paper…I think our hearts are a lot more alike than we know friend! I can’t wait to get to know more of yours.

    May He fill your heart with more of a yearning to know Him, to seek after Him and to work towards having a heart like HIS!!!!

    Good to see you.

  2. Thanks so much, Laurel! I always appreciate reading your thoughts as well; you’re such an inspiration and an encouragement. I’m definitely looking forward to sharing my heart here, and to show how much He is growing and shaping me. It’ll be quite the journey, I’m sure! :)

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